Railo Overview

  • Jun 12, 2013
  • Kai Koenig

Speaker:  Kai Koenig
June 12, 2013

Railo Server is the fastest way to develop dynamic and performant web sites. It uses a mixture of tag and script syntax to deliver the easiest yet the most powerful of web languages. Based on the CFML standard, it provides an easy way to build Java EE based web applications without the complexities of Java.

Kai Koenig

Kai KoenigKai is a Software Solutions Architect and director of Ventego Creative Ltd. He is specialised in Adobe's enterprise and rich client technologies ColdFusion, Flex, Flash, Connect and LiveCycle. Kai has put another focus on the integration of the latter with 3rd party platforms such as Java and .NET and spends most of his work time contributing to projects of various clients and sizes, fulfilling the role of an architect, senior developer, consultant, mentor or instructor.

He is also an Adobe Certified Master Instructor (the only one in New Zealand) for ColdFusion, Flex, Connect and LiveCycle and provides our clients with authorised Adobe training classes.

Kai has been working successfully for a lot of domestic and international clients, such as Vodafone, Citibank, SIEMENS, AOL Germany, Henkel, Media-Saturn, Air India, India Tourism Board, European Union Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, Pizza Hut New Zealand, New Zealand Rugby Union, Foundation of Research Science and Technology New Zealand, bepacked.com, New Zealand Food Safety Authority, Snapper, etc.

He's regularly invited to present on technical conferences, where Kai enjoys sharing knowledge and experience as well as extending his network of fellow architects and developers. Besides that he contributes to various European IT print and online magazines such as iX, Internet Professionell and Java Magazin.

Kai is active on a variety of technology-related mailing lists and is one of the user group managers of the Wellington Adobe Web Technology Meetup. He also shares his all-day experiences with Adobe technologies and the web as AgentK at Blog in Black.