Mura - Getting Started with Plugins

  • Aug 14, 2013
  • Steve Withington

Speaker:  Steve Withington
August 14, 2013

The chief way to achieve update-safe customizations to Mura CMS is through the Plugin architecture. Plugins are a seamless way of extending Mura CMS or adding completely new functionality.

The myth is that plugins are complicated or difficult to build, and that it requires a great deal of custom code and understanding of Mura's inner workings. Listen and learn as Steve demonstrates just how easy it is to build and manage plugins for Mura CMS.

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Steve Withington

Steve WithingtonSteve Withington is the Director of Education & Events and an Application Engineer for Mura CMS (a comprehensive, CFML-powered, Open Source Content Management System). He's also currently serving his third year as a Steering Committee Member of cf.Objective(), an enterprise ColdFusion conference. As a published author, he literally "wrote the book" on Mura CMS.As an experienced instructor and speaker, he's worked with audiences and clients both online and in-person throughout a wide variety of industries including the military, colleges/universities, government agencies and large multi-national corporations.