Introduction to Mura

  • Apr 10, 2013
  • Steve Withington

Speaker:  Steve Withington
April 10, 2013

Since Mura CMS was launched as an open source product at cf.objective() 2008, Mura CMS has seen huge improvements and tremendous growth. In this session, we'll provide an overview of the latest (and greatest!) version of Mura CMS, and show you how Mura CMS can make life easier for both end-users and developers alike.

  • Learn how Mura CMS uses Bootstrap on the front and back-end and what this means for developers
  • Learn about new editing and publishing features
  • Learn how the Admin UI has been streamlined and simplified
  • Learn how to further simplify the UI for non-technical end-users and create custom content types
  • And more!


Steve Withington

Steve WithingtonSteve Withington is the Director of Education & Events and an Application Engineer for Mura CMS (a comprehensive, CFML-powered, Open Source Content Management System). He's also currently serving his third year as a Steering Committee Member of cf.Objective(), an enterprise ColdFusion conference. As a published author, he literally "wrote the book" on Mura CMS.As an experienced instructor and speaker, he's worked with audiences and clients both online and in-person throughout a wide variety of industries including the military, colleges/universities, government agencies and large multi-national corporations.