Introduction to Bootstrap

  • Nov 13, 2013
  • Nolan Erck

Speaker:  Nolan Erck
November 13, 2013

Bootstrap is a new CSS / JavaScript framework that (among other things) solves many common UI problems in web development. Everything from making sites responsive, to integrating drop-down menus, good typography, popups, pagination and so no becomes much easier with Bootstrap! We'll start with the basics of how to install Bootstrap and start adding it to your projects. Then we'll cover using some of the built-in features such as making your sites responsive, nav bars, buttons, menus, and much more! No knowledge of ColdFusion required, this all works with plain CSS (and maybe a tad of JavaScript if we start to get extra fancy).

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Nolan Erck

Nolan ErckFrom Nolan's blog:

Nolan Erck has been developing software professionally for more than 14 years, starting in the video game industry as a Tools Programmer advancing to web development in 1999. He has worked on high profile projects for LucasArts, Maxis, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Schools Credit Union, and Alive N Kicking Magazine among others. His list of credits includes Grim Fandango, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, SimPark, and SimSafari, as well as high-traffic websites for a variety of technology based companies.

Nolan currently co-manages the Sacramento ColdFusion User Group and is an active member of the Web Developer community, giving presentations on Object-Oriented Programming and Web Development for groups across Northern California. Nolan is also certified in Adobe ColdFusion, and is an in-demand consultant, providing training and development experience for a variety of companies.

When he's not consulting or talking about himself in the third person, Nolan can usually be found working on one of several music projects.