Favorite Coding Techniques/Tips!

  • Sep 11, 2013
  • CFUG Members

Speaker:  CFUG Members
September 11, 2013

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For September we are going to make this a member interactive presentation where we are asking for volunteers to share some of their Favorite Coding Techniques/Tips.  This is an awesome way to network and learn from your fellow developers.

The idea is for members to present, in 5 minutes or less, a single cool thing that they have found that helps make development easier, save time, or just do things in a cool way.  This can pertain to any parts of the web development process (CF, SQL, JS, HTML, CSS, etc) as long as your are able to present it in 5 minutes or less (keep it short and simple).  After each presentation we can take a couple minutes for members to comment or ask questions, then we will move onto the next presenter.

Time permitting, members can have more than one 5 minute slot to present their favorite coding techniques/tips.  Ideally we'd like to have everyone who wants to present have a chance before having someone present multiple items, so if you do have multiple things (we all do), pick your favorite first and we'll go from there.  Depending on if you use the full time, we could potentially have 7-10 of these presented.  If there are items that we don't get to, we can have you present them during the developer Q&A at future meetings.

Please let Daniel Garcia know if you would like to present something as well as what it is.  If you need code to run to demonstrate, please send it to him in advance and he can upload it to the ccfug.org website which is running ColdFusion 10.  Also, if you have custom presentation files, you could send a PowerPoint slide or whatever other files you need to show us.  We'd like to keep things moving that night so whatever prep work we can do in advance would be great.

Time permitting, we'd also like to do another meeting topic brainstorming session to help get ideas for the next 12 months.

We have a lot of good developers in the group and I am hoping that a lot of you are willing to share.