CFML features for more modern coding

  • Jul 13, 2016
  • Daniel Fredericks

Speaker: Daniel Fredericks
July 13, 2016

As ColdFusion and CFML have continued to evolve and improve over time, newer, more modern features have been added. These features will help developers who use CFML work better, faster and more like other modern languages. These additions and improvements should help CFML’s standing in the industry because it is becoming more of a modern way to write code thus should attract more developers to at least take a new look at CFML. Some of those features are as follows:

  • CF 11 has added full 100% script support. This will allow developers to write cleaner code in a more modern fashion and it has a similar approach to languages like javascript.
  • CF 10 started the use of Closures to let developers write function expressions or a function that exists as part of a larger expression.
  • CF 11 added the queryExecute() function to use with script instead of using the tag cfquery.
  • The addition of member functions which are built-in object methods are a more straight forward way to write code and can be used in method chaining as well.
  • The idea that all CFML functions are now First Class functions and can be passed as callbacks and what does that mean to every developer

Even though these are more modern features, any developer should be able to understand how these can benefit them. This presentation will show how these features can be implemented by anyone using CF 10 and above, however, you don’t need to have any real knowledge about how these work before coming to this session.

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Daniel Fredericks

Daniel Fredericks

Daniel Fredericks has been using CFML since the early 2000's in the DC area. He has been a government contractor who has worked on multiple government projects using primarily CFML. He runs the NOVA CF user group and has just started speaking at various CFML conferences trying to present more on the CFML language.